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Molecular structure of reduced glutathione used with all products

The GlutaCure team would like to congratulation you on your commitment to take your health to the next level. As you explore the website, you are taking the first step towards transforming your level of energy. vitality, and health status. We are excited to share our ideas and effective products with you because they represent a monumental shift in healthcare delivery.

Imagine a world where 80% of patients are not just chronically managed, where the national healthcare system isn’t ranked 37th in the world, where up to 90% of bankruptcies weren’t due to unpaid medical bills, where 1 out of 2 Americans didn’t die of heart disease, 1 out of 2 didn’t achieve cancer, 1 out of 3 didn’t die of cancer, 1 out of 6 didn’t die of diabetes, and where the healthcare costs of a company’s employees wouldn’t bankrupt one of the largest corporations in the world.

GlutaCure utilizes high potency Glutathione via effective delivery methods such as nebulization, suppository, and endonasal routes. Click the buttons below to explore videos illustrating how Glutathione has made a difference in the health status of various individuals.

In order to attain the physical, psychological, and physiological vibrancy that you desire and deserve, you must weave this information into the fabric of your life. Most of you realize that your physical health is the most important thing that you possess. Utilizing the resources and products at, you too can have the health, energy, and vitality you deserve.

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Glutathione Products that can get results for Parkinson’s patients

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on 500 mg Glutathione Suppositories, 30ml and 100ml vials of 100mg and 200mg Glutathione for nebulization, Nebulizers, EWOT Masks and starter kits, and more.

We have everything Glutathione.

Parkinson’s Disease Can be Helped with Glutathione!


Parkinson’s Disease is treatable with appropriate natural and medical care. Glutathione can offer a powerful natural option that you should discuss with your doctor. We believe the suppository delivery system offers the best option for your needs.


Watch this informative video on Glutathione and see our product line for ordering information.



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Parkinson’s Disease is treatable naturally using Glutathione. Read more…

Watch this informative video on how Glutathione can help management of Parkinson’s Disease.


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Glutathione Nebulization before and after with improved vision and coordination after stroke.

Here is a example of how powerful Glutathione is.

Just 3-5 minutes of nebulation and she is more coordinated, and her vision is much improved.

See this amazing video.

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Unbelievable footage:Parkinson’s treated with PEMF and Functional Chiropractic Neurology.

Unbelievable real video footage:Parkinson’s treated with PEMF, Functional Chiropractic Neurology (Functional Cranial Release) and GlutaMax which is a Glutathione suppository with a whooping 1000 mg each. PEMF is short for Pulsed ElecroMagnetic Field .and it promotes autophagy in the brain. There is growing evedence that parkinson’s is linked to poor autophagy where your brain cleans it’s self out of old dead and dying cells and organelles.

Screen Shot 2011-12-26 at 5.03.28 PM

Glutathione and Stroke Recovery

Brain cell death and free radical damage are results from strokes. Enhancing mitochondrial energy production is key to reestablishing function in these cells. Glutathione’s profound antioxidant activity plays a vital role in this process. GlutaGenic provides the only active and absorbable Glutathione products.

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Relationship between plasma glutathione Levels and cardiovascular disease in a defined population: The hisayama study.


John Lieurance, DC,ND


Why refrigerate glutathione?

Glutathione starts to lose potency as it heats up. Even at room temperature, liquid GSH has already lost most of it’s effective strength. That is exactly why we only sell glutathione products which have been shipped to us cold. We keep our stock of liquid glutathione cold, and ship it out in cold packs, overnight. That way, when our glutathione products reach you, they are fully potent high dosage, to do the most good. When buying ANY glutathione products for treatment of Parkinson’s symptoms, cancer, alzheimers, or even AIDS, be sure that you will receive glutathione which has been refrigerated from the start, right to your door.

Glutathione Suppositories

500 mg x30 Glutathione Suppositories are sold as a one month supply.

The only better method of absorption into the body is through IV pushes or intramuscular injections.


RLS can be an early warning sign of Parkinson’s!

Restless Leg Syndrome can be an early warning of Parkinson's disease.



Studies show that 90% of Restless Leg Syndrome sufferers will develop Parkinson’s disease. This makes it critical to address these abnormalities in your nervous system and get them in balance early to prevent this tragic disease from developing. Functional Neurology and FCR can be helpful as well as nutritional and nutraceutical intervention. The use of Glutathione might be of great benefit to calm down the inflammatory wind up in the brain and basal ganglion.

John Lieurance, D.C.


Functional Neurology

Celebrities with Parkinson’s Disease



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Various Glutathione treatment options for Parkinson’s Disease by Dr. John from John Lieurance on Vimeo.

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